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Teen Titans Go! - Season 3 Episode 43

Still shipwrecked on the deserted island, the Titans decide to hold a team competition, but first they'll have to avoid the Alien Hunter!

Episode: 43/48 eps

Duration: 22 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 4.8

Season 3 - Teen Titans Go!
"Robin decides to become a cat so that Starfire will finally love him."
"After being defeated due to poor leg strength, Raven and the Titans work out their lower bodies and become the League of Legs."
"Beast Boy gets a stack of cash from the Tooth Fairy, so, against Raven's advice, the other Titans start knocking out their own teeth to get some of that sweet Tooth Fairy money."
"A giant cocoon mysteriously appears in the Titans' living room, and no one can find Beast Boy."
"The titans, sans Robin, become addicted to spices."
"Stuck inside because of bad weather, the Titans play rainy day games after Robin convinces them that indoor activites will cheer up the clouds and make the rain stop."
"Robin convinces the Titans to go back to school with him so he can finally become the all-American class president-type he's dreamed of being."
"Control Freak informs the Titans that they are on a TV show he created and demands they earn him an award."
"Cyborg's real strength comes not from his robot parts, but from his favorite song."
"Robin tries to teach the Titans valuable life lessons by reading them fairytales, but the others co-opt his stories and spin them into their own twisted yarns."
"Brother Blood takes the Titans to trial for their recent destruction of Jump City."
"The Titans' Halloween party is interrupted by the Hive Five robbing a candy factory."
"After the other Titans are injured, Beast Boy donates his blood to save them."
"It's Beast Boy's birthday! Will the other Titans remember?"
"Starfire is visited by three ghosts and shown the true meaning of Black Friday."
"Robin gets obsessed with creating a double episode"
"Fed up with never getting presents from Santa, the Titans head to the North Pole to take themselves off the Naughty List ... by any means necessary."
"The Titans learn about cartoon-style violence in order to get revenge on a snack-stealing squirrel."
"Robin makes the other Titans sell their treasured mementos from past episodes."
"When Cyborg starts to rage out, Starfire takes him to her secret garden in the backyard to relax."
"The Titans go to an amusement park to see LeBron James (voice guest star LeBRON JAMES) but instead help solve a mystery."
"It's Valentine's Day and Cyborg goes to great lengths to make it special for his girlfriend, Jinx."
"The Titans - except for Beast Boy - are cursed on St. Patrick's Day and must travel to the end of the rainbow for the cure."
"The Easter Bunny is missing, and it's up to the Titans to find him before Easter is ruined."
"The Titans try to outprank each other on April Fools' Day."
"When the Titans get trapped in a giant bottle in their living room, they pass the time by reminiscing."
"Robin finally teaches the other Titans a valuable lesson."
"Lady Legasus battles the League of Legs after her teammates turn evil"
"The Titans start speaking Pig Latin to prevent Robin from eavesdropping."
"The Titans discover the magic of \"fan strength,\" thanks to their #1 fan, Wally T!"
"After seeing a pair of cool dudes on rollerblades, Robin tries to be just like them."
"Female heroes and villains unite to save Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy from The Brain."
"Robin tries to teach the Titans valuable history lessons, but the others co-opt his stories and spin them into their own twisted yarns."
"This week an all new episode of Teen Titans Go!."
"The Titans are reckless with their money and health, much to the detriment of their future selves."
"When the Titans find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted, they must use the island's resources to survive"
"Still shipwrecked on the deserted island, the Titans try to find food, but stumble upon dinosaurs instead."
"Still shipwrecked on the deserted island, the Titans decide to hold a team competition, but first they'll have to avoid the Alien Hunter!"
"Robin grants crazy wishes for The Titans"
"When the Titans try to get off the deserted island, they soon realize that everything is not as it seems."
"In order to save Titans Tower from some wealthy land developers, the Titans search for pirate treasure."
"Upon finding his first armpit hairs, Beast Boy excitedly embarks on a journey to find his spirit animal, joining a literal fraternity of bears."
"The Titans get into the \"Pioneer Spirit\" as they head west on the Oregon Trail."
"When yet another crime alert interrupts their relaxation, the Titans decide to become villains so that they can do whatever they want."
"The Titans become obsessed with pro wrestling... except for Cyborg, who yearns for the good ol' days of REAL wrestling and finds his fellow Titans' obnoxious personae getting on his nerves."
"Always one to meddle, Robin tries to dictate to the others how to play a fantasy tabletop RPG. Things take a wacky turn when the game literally sucks them in and they have to play along to get home."
"Raven teaches the other Titans how to dance properly, but soon they are captured by the Dance Demon."
"Robin and Cyborg argue about the importance of capes."
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