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Ozzy and Jack's World Detour - Season 2 Episode 9

Ozzy and Jack arrive in Alaska, and abandon the RV; Ozzy plans a nautical surprise for Jack, but loses his most valuable possession.

Episode: 9/10 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.3

Season 2 - Ozzy and Jack's World Detour
"Ozzy and Jack are hitting the road, traveling the states from Florida to Alaska and everything in between. And they're doing it, per Ozzy's request, in a vintage 1973 GMC camper--the same RV Ozzy toured in with Black Sabbath when his career in America was just beginning. At their Key West starting point, Ozzy and Jack do some deep sea fishing, pay a visit to Robert the Haunted Doll (where they pick up a souvenir mascot to ride up front in their GMC), hunt for pythons in the Everglades, and drive by Mar-a-Lago, President Trump's Winter White House."
"The duo's adventures in Georgia include dirt-track driving, touring an Elvis museum, and visiting a diddley bow artisan; Ozzy and Jack fly to Texas, where they serve as Honorary Race Directors at a NASCAR event."
"Ozzy and Jack find a way to vent their frustrations over the broken RV; Ozzy meets with a Texas-based Black Sabbath cover band; the boys find themselves in a bizarre game of bingo and learn about the forensics behind solving murders."
"Ozzy's vintage GMC is replaced by a Mercedes RV; in Kentucky, the boys meet a sperm-donating stallion, visit a medical oddities museum, and tour a life-size replica of Noah's Ark; Jack demonstrates his skills as a reserve police officer."
"Jack and Ozzy travel to Cajun country, the home of Jack's in-laws; in New Orleans, the duo takes a trip down memory lane with an old family friend from Ozzy's early touring days and visits one of the most haunted houses in America."
"Ozzy and Jack go to Arizona for a camping trip with Jack's daughter Pearl; Jack's plans to take the family to the Grand Canyon go awry; Ozzy seeks an unconventional method of treating his neck; the men visit legendary rock star Billy Idol."
"Ozzy and Jack endure a long drive to Utah's San Rafael Swell to visit the Mars Desert Research Station; along the way, the men visit Jack's survival expert friend and spend the night in a Native American tepee complete with flat-screen TVs."
"Jack and Ozzy learn about competitive lumberjacks while in the Pacific Northwest; Ozzy visits a coffee roaster and gets supercaffeinated while Jack is bedridden; the duo visits an oyster farm; a medium hunts for evil in Robert the Doll."
"Ozzy and Jack arrive in Alaska, and abandon the RV; Ozzy plans a nautical surprise for Jack, but loses his most valuable possession."
"Ozzy and Jack thank their wives for holding down the fort during their adventure with a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii; Jack and Lisa's two young daughters manage to turn every family outing upside down."
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