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Las Vegas

Welcome to the Montecito Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, where you can do anything you want... but Ed Deline and his crack surveillance team will be watching. Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Las Vegas
"We get an introduction to the Montecito (the casino where the story takes place), to the characters and their relationships, the casino slang (e.g. \"whales\") and so on."
"The corpse of Greg an old friend of Danny is found, Senator Henderson visits the Montecito and \"King Arthur\" is the new special show act."
"While Danny tries to find out the secret of Julian Kerbis who bought many chips but hardly even gambles, Big Ed stumbles upon his cousin in the casino. He is about to marry a girl he met few days earlier."
"While Danny shadows a cheater, he sees him talking with a pretty familiar face. Mary is getting acquainted with a psychic who has a scary premonition. Delinda start working in the restaurant of the Montecito."
"Delinda is drugged and nearly raped. Ed decides not to call in the police and starts looking for the perpetrator with the help of Danny. Mike Cannon has doubts about the true intentions of three MIT students."
"Big Ed is going on a vacation and leaves Danny in charge. It isn't long before some strange problems occur."
"Delinda gets conned with counterfeit chips. Danny falls in love with a girl he meets at the pool. Sam and Mary are doing their utter best to help some special guests."
"Well-known singer Janet Ellis is opening her tour in the Montecito. Sandra Edelman, her head of security is a very good old friend of Big Ed and she's at the casino for a special reason."
"Danny and Ed are busy taking care of Mr. Zhao and his two rather popular daughters. Mary is occupied with a wedding of 24 couples, while Mike saves a woman from certain death, but she doesn't seem too happy."
"The Montecito is hosting the World Poker Championship and Mike tries to help a player in trouble. Ed and Danny are busy with the disappearance of magician's wife Vera and a major security issue at the swizzle stick collectors convention."
"The Montecito is hosting the World Championships Boxing and Ed and Danny find an irregular pattern of betting on one of the matches. Meanwhile Mike, Nessa and Delinda find a sports bag with a lot of money."
"A new security system is being installed in the Montecito and it isn't long before some problems are surfacing."
"After a massive blackout in Las Vegas, Ed and the claustrophobic Mike can't get out of the security center, while Danny and Mary take the opportunity of being trapped in an elevator to argue about their friendship. In the casino, a murder is committed and Nessa and Delinda have to control Sam, who becomes psychotic due to an overdose of caffeine."
"Danny finds a suicide note of a very lucky man. Ed has to deal with a clumsy employee. Sam gets romantically involved with a customer."
"After the famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damme dies when he is filming a dangerous stunt in the Montecito, the security team has doubts about it being an accident."
"Danny, Ed and Sam travel to the New Orleans Montecito in search for a gambler with a high debt, who is being sought by a criminal."
"An obnoxious guest wins one million with his last money, then dies under mysterious circumstances."
"An escaped murderer comes looking for Sam, Mary meets a high school enemy, Nessa is having trouble with Chelsea fans."
"While Danny thinks of a reward for a vagabond who brought 10 grand back, Ed has suspicions his wife is unfaithful."
"Nessa has a relationship with Bob, a floater, who tells he's got complete amnesia. Danny tries to find out who took illegal sexy pictures in the Montecito."
"While a psychologist analyzes the Montecito team and the four ladies plan to break up a wedding, the surveillance team tries to solve a seemingly perfect crime."
"Nessa gets approached by a man who is looking for a particular dealer and has a bomb on his chest."
"Danny is recalled for active Marines duty. Mary gets an unexpected visit from her father. Ed is having a confrontation with an old mafioso about the casino."
Season 2 - Las Vegas
"Danny returns from the war, much to the surprise and joy of everybody, particularly Mary. However, he is acting strangely as he is in warshock. He begins to worry everybody, particularly Ed and Mary. The guys of the casino are also contending with two of the dumbest guys on Earth, one of whom has a microchip implant in his arm. The new guy Leo has a thing for Delinda, and Sam and Delinda are at odds as Sam wants to hire out Mystique to a group of rich morticians."
"The gang tries to figure out the tactics of card counters. Nessa has an unwanted admirer. Danny finds a scam artist. Mary gives an employee orientation to topless women."
"Ed is framed for murder when enemies from his past resurface. Danny and Mike secretly intervene to investigate and take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Sam, Nessa, Mary and Delinda desperately attempt to find tenants for their new joint-purchased home, settling on what they think to be the perfect tenants, only to discover they've misjudged the situation."
"An old boyfriend of Delinda's comes to town to fulfill some fantasies which includes having sex with someone cause he's dying. Delinda at first doesn't believe him but Ed learns it's true. And one of Sam's whales who has a big party and what he wants to serve is lobsters but someone steals them. So Danny has to try and find them. And Michael Buble, who's scheduled to perform announces he's giving up singing and wants to do other things. Which makes Mary worried."
"Danny has to babysit the child of one of his deceased mates in the army, but when the mother doesn't come back, he has to look for her. Meanwhile, Delinda, Mary and Nessa go to the desert to find the treasure of one of Sam's former lovers, but it won't be as easy as they think."
"Nessa is stunned when a mysterious woman shows up at the Montecito with news that her father is alive and wants to communicate with her. She begins to question what Ed has told her of her father's whereabouts which leads her right into a trap that affects the whole casino. Meanwhile, when a video gaming convention takes over the hotel, Sam, Danny and Mike have to police fraudulent acts of plagiarism. Elsewhere, Mary befriends hotel guest, Hennessy Figueroa, who lost her husband after ten years of marriage and is desperate to keep his memory alive."
"The Montecito sponsors its own American football team for the staff's kids. The Lancers, coached by Danny and Mike, are playing in the championship game. Delinda is pushing for more fashionable uniforms for the team. Meanwhile, one of the team members does not get picked up after the game, and various videos of the game indicate that his father may have been kidnapped. Casino owner Gavin Brunson arrives and demands that his new prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9, and lover, be trained by Sam in the art of casino hosting. Sam and her new trainee do not like each other and compete for clients."
"Ed, Danny and Mike join forces with Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh and Det. Woody Hoyt of 'Crossing Jordan' to investigate the murder of a high-stakes gambler."
"Ed uses his past connections and some old-school tactics to hunt down the man who stole a priceless work of art from the Montecito. His frantic search for the piece leads to an uncomfortable reunion with his former partner Jack Keller, who cannot be trusted. Danny and Mike are dispatched to deal with a fight between their tenants and find themselves smack in the middle of a lovers' quarrel. Sam puts together an exotic weekend for a young couple in love that ends with only Sam smiling."
"Danny refuses a USMC courage-rewarding decoration 'for someone's death' and 'elopes', actually helped by the girls, to an exclusive Malibu resort to propose to Mary. They return early... . Mike freaks when he spots a single reflexion image of a presumably missing girl, because his family's in-living cousin Michelle Cannon disappeared aged 14, Ed helps him, using his FBI behavioral science unit skills. They find she may be with recently released criminal Chris Johnson, and Ed uses a police records contact... Delinda goes crazy with enthusiasm for the Polyphonic Spree, ..."
"Delinda takes a fancy to rodeo star Cody Barnes, but his horse Lucas gets stolen, so she makes Ed send Danny and Mike to help looking- and find she's part of the problem... Sam is told her earnings are substandard, even for a low period; she realizes 'small player' Alex Brooks's game is laundering when he turns up with $1,000,000 in cash, and learns it's from the Juarez cartel- Ed insists to be part of the FBI operation she volunteers for... Mike has his eye on a female engineer, but despite Danny's advice tries too hard."
"Danny is called -in bed- with a ransom demand of $213,000 and wakes Mike; they have strict instructs never to give in. Ed is indeed kidnapped, and handcuffed in a bathtub by burly Brian Carlton Venturi, who expected to be remembered after getting fired three years ago, which ruined his life and cost him access to his daughter. Some crafty searching gets them close while Ed's attempt to negotiate or escape prove painful... Meanwhile an impulsive gambler accepts to marry just for the rings he believes to bring him luck, only to loose them in a fight between divorced ..."
"Chaos is set in motion when Danny and Delinda find a hotel guest who appears to have committed suicide. When Delinda investigates further, she suspects murder and dispatches Danny and Ed on a mission to find the killer which places Delinda in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Sam plays host to a tycoon who is obsessed with hygiene and threatens to leave the hotel when a strand of Sam's hair is found on his shirt. Elsewhere, Mike is reunited with his ex-girlfriend Nina from college who has a strange request for him."
"Construction CEO Monica Wells is thrown out by Ed for extreme rudeness to the Montecito staff. She files a 'sexual' complaint against Danny, whom she in fact failed to seduce while he was off duty but brought her, more drunk the him, to her suit at Delinda's insistence. It turns out legal help won't suffice, this problem is in Ed's league. Meanwhile Mystique's cash-flow results in a lunch experiment which proves hard to sell to chef Gunther or the guests."
"The Montecito is unexpectedly visited by three new major gamblers. Delinda and Nessa rival ruthlessly for hunky 'whale' James Riley's attention. Ed's CIA friend Lisa has barely arrived and there's already another sniper attack on her. Investigating proves even more dangerous. Martin Levson lost his money gambling and his wife to groupies, Mary babysits him to limit client\u00c3\u00a8le morale damage but overdoes it."
"Tired about the bickering between his security and service teams, Ed uses a technique his boss once successfully employed: he makes them switch jobs for a while. While Ed takes Mike along to disprove at any cost the validity of a $271 red light ticket, with a comical twist at the end, Delinda 'takes his place' at a city meeting, which she turns from boring to death into nightclub style. Danny initially hesitates how to handle his former Las Vegas schoolfriend Kevin 'Jinx' Jergeson PR-wise, who used to have incredible bad luck but now keeps winning at roulette, then ..."
"None of the men thought of Valentine's day. Ed expected to be excused for jury duty, but neither the judge, who recently lost badly at the Montecito, nor the counselors object to a professional expert in gambling and security, both being essential to the case. Once on the case, he breaks the embargo rules, determined to prove the accused's innocence. Danny must check on big gambler, Bert Belinsky, who first bets against his wife's horse, then on it, while his wife uses the trips as alibi to hide her plastic surgery. Bert has asked for Mary's company, because her boobs..."
"Ed gets former Firm colleague Frank to help save a Montecito employee's illegal mother, Maria DiGiuseppe, who runs a restaurant, from racketeer Jerry Garret. However, Ed can only control his violent temper by promising him a date with Montecito math wonder Sarasvati Kumar, then gets to the boss behind the screens. After Sam encourages a new gambler, Danny and Mike clean up her mess when it turns out Eric Nesterenko is just an alias of youngster Kellen Phillips, who paid nobodies to cash in a fortune in chips for him to invest illegally in stock with Ron Redfield in ..."
"Nevada state Senator Billy Cole, relatively happily married son of the state's U.S. Senator and a Marines mate of Danny McCoy whose life he once saved, is received like royalty, but shows Danny photos of a maid kissing him, made to blackmail him out of political life. Dan finds the non-casino maid suspicious on surveillance videos and brings in help, but after a CD is delivered which the pictures came from, digital enhancement shows it's a 16 year-old, Mindi Distassi; even her parents lost contact three months ago, but a single call back-number is enough to follow the..."
"Ed Deline and Danny McCoy realize the casino is in trouble: the computer table to weed out mathematical players failed to spot Bill Healy; Adam Clemo and Mike Cannon find out it's being sabotaged by a gizmo operated by transmitter with a wide range. But how does it work? ... Sam Marquez looks out for the son of a recently deceased big spender and winner of $300,000 who came try his luck, without any experience, in dad's lucky green polyester suit. Sam tries desperately to get it cleaned after a bitch spilled red wine on it... Chrissy Potter is worried about her ..."
"Monte Carlo legend Estefan honors the casino with his presence, his whole party is into Goth living, like vampires. Gavin Brunson is considering to sell the Montecito. Delinda Deline gets a 'rumspringa' visit from her distant Amish cousin Seth, who experiences the wicked world in 48 hours... As if the geeks from a gadget convention didn't cause enough technological mischief, Danny McCoy finds computer criminal Vic 'Vid Kid' Kenner has slipped in; it takes persistent snooping to bare a lucrative conflict of interest..."
"Ed Deline tells Danny McCoy that detective Luis Peres has been killed in Irak, informs his loved ones together and tries to correct one of his cases, probably a miscarriage of justice against Richie Betts. Mike must help casino guest Mertens to a whore just before his wife's arrival, so he takes him to Kitty ranch, then is sent back to retrieve his wedding ring, in vain, then must try to get a replica stat. Mary Connel must testify in court against Johnny Moya; the County prosecuting officer turns out to be her romantic admirer Jake Porter; they find a way to spare ..."
"Happy customer double $ billionaire Fred Puterbaugh returns to the Montecito announcing he wants to show his gratitude by taking Ed -he's busy, so Danny- shopping, but isn't content handing both 'trinkets' over $100,000, he decides to buy the Montecito... Talented magician Arnold Peters was to be thrown out for passing out fliers 'Ed Deline called me the best', inexact and totally out of context, but proves a great eye by catching on sight a crafty dice-cheater none of the staff was on to. With his honest $1,000 premium he shows apparent sports scores prediction ..."
"Board key member Casey Manning offers manager Ed Deline a seat on the board of the Montecito after the take-over if he wins the buy-out from three competitors, to take part in a general make-over in light of the progressing Las Vegas competition, but warns his ex Sam that she'll have to become better to remain the 'new' Montecito's host; by his reputation most staff and even the building may be done away with; she offers him anything if he blows the deal off... Ed is told by an inept police detective that Nessa Holt's disappeared father Jackson sired a second daughter..."
Season 3 - Las Vegas
"The new Montecito is finished and its new owner, a woman called Monica Mancuso, wants the old team back. However, most of them refuse to come back to the Montecito and have already found other jobs."
"The Montecito experiences several financial perils. Ed Deline worries about chip cheaters who already got away with $1,200,000, and orders to divert owner Monica's attention -she hasn't even mastered the essential element of fun- to a gambler who seems to keep winning honestly, already for $300,000, while he and Mike trace all people plausibly involved, the manufacturing company and even the whereabouts of only five machines which could do the job, the takes drastic action... Meanwhile Mike and Danny close in on pick-pockets. Danny's accountant insists he should sell ..."
"Banned card counter Gabe 'Nice guy' Labrador claims he must win $2,000,000 or his kidnapped daughter will be killed, but the police believes he's pulling another stunt, like his staged death 8 years earlier. But Ed and Monica Mancuso give him the benefit of the doubt, so the boys follow the cash. Big winner Ben Carlson demands that Delaney takes his $600,000 winnings back to make a point that he disapproves of gambling in principal, but his other, abusive personality Ted Waters demands the cash; a third one, hedonist Carlos, is in control. Boston PD detective Woody ..."
"Besides his job and love life with Penny, Danny retains his late father's construction company. In order to let it build the golf course Monica wants, they must make crone Dottie Arkin, who lived there all her life, an offer she can't refuse, only to find a corpse buried in her garden, which ex-con mobster Nick Calabrini believes to be his missing uncle Seymour Magoon. A shower design flaw result in utterly embarrassing exposures. Ed's wife forces him first to organize a dog show, then daughter Delinda blackmails him to run Jilian's troublesome mutt in person. ..."
"Ed Deline is in no position to follow Dr. Hall's advice to take it easy on account of his blood pressure: he's the victim of identity theft, and his banker allowed the culprit to clean him out completely. Danny comes along trying to moderate the punches, but Lou Mosley is just a decoy, the actual brain makes them think again. Sam is hostile to Monica's new non-gambling income watchdog, and even worse to her half-brother Bobby, but her assumption he's still an immature parasite is challenged while colleagues milk him for embarrassing anecdotes. Mike borrows Ed's ..."
"Danny McCoy finally has a buyer for his home, found by girl-friend Penny Posin, just like his late dad's last flame, Liz, who claims she was to be dad's bride. She hesitantly accepts the loan Danny offers to get her through medical bills until her insurance pays, but isn't it all too good to be true? Monica's 'other income' manager Olivia Duchey's cheap orders keep making everybody's job impossible; so Ed takes on the bossy owner, who lets Sam off the hook if she tells her brother Bobby he's dumped."
"Remarks about Las Vegas's past evoke a dream in which Danny, Mike and the girls arrive in 1962 at the Jubilee, the later Montecito, with new boss Ed, a mobster. They not only take over but invent the modern all-in-one-site entertainment formula, combining casino elements gambling, hotel, restaurants and shops, in the process inventing their present jobs. That takes quite some convincing and arm-twisting, in the spirit of those days still using methods they now wouldn't even consider."
"Despite FBI agent Portis's supervision, the Star of Kashmir, an Indian national treasure and the world's largest sapphire, is stolen from the Montecito vault hours before it's to be exhibited. Danny reluctantly chases three reputed jewel thieves against the clock rather then officially denouncing Monica herself, who wore it alone. A seemingly supernatural magician also makes a fascinating suspect. Meanwhile Monica's expensive attempts to convince Deline to resume his manager post backfire; until she names a surprised successor."
"On his first day in Ed's job -some suggest wrongly he intrigued for it- Danny is beleaguered with requests he couldn't honor anyway: Monica, who showers Danny with perks and more, wants him to be her good 'boy', even to fire Ed's most loyal employees. Monica forbids Danny to act rationally against such threats as a big winner and a rain man from a local mental home. The funeral of casino entertainment king J.W. McKeller attracts all hostesses, as corps robbers after his black book. Finally Danny does what Ed expected, in the Montecito's interest, but is found out."
"Everyone in the Montecito is shocked after Monica's violent death. But Ed is specially surprised, since Monica chose him to make sure her last wishes would be fulfilled."
"Casey Manning, the casino owner, has booked a porn convention but this is not exactly Ed's favorite crowd. Ed himself is in the new publicity spot shoots, with unnecessary personal complications. Casey's ex Sam's moaning finally wears his patience down enough to separate their assets and file for divorce. The national poker competition on TV is just the show for organizer Lance Marshall, but the Montecito boys won't accept an unknown schoolteacher outplaying the pros."
"Danny discretely investigate the theft of diamonds hastily supplied by jeweler Pete Natelson which were stolen during a Montecito video clip recording by Lil' Flip. Ed concentrates on catching dice cheater Anthony Demby. The girls believe Mike moonlights as male stripper."
"The couple who purchased Monica's suite in the Montecito Residences claims it is haunted, while Danny and Ed believe there's another explanation; Sam makes a bet with another casino host to see who gets to claim the title of \"#1 Casino Host in Vegas\"; Delinda runs afoul of the new health inspector on the eve of the opening of the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant."
"The Nevada gaming Commission questions Casey's license because of $3,000,000 missing from the Montecito books, from the last night before Monica bought the casino. Casey is cleared, Ed must find the thief helped by Danny, whose rough USMC instructor Sergeant 'Gunny' Burn shows up and 'enlists' himself on hotel staff. Meanwhile meteorology fan Mike's hero, the forecast presenter, works from the Montecito and needs a stand-in stat."
"The Montecito may face a huge indemnification when a man states that a woman has drugged him and stolen one of his kidneys."
"While Danny hosts Monica's immature heir Norma Pitts, they find half a human finger in her shrimp salad: a PR nightmare for the Montecito buffet. Ed tells Danny to keep her happy. Overhearing lawyer vulture Mira Schleich offers to get Norma 'damages', Danny promises to make her dreams come true, but apparently that includes him. The cameras recorded immigrant kitchen hand Miguel Hurtado axing his own finger. His cousin Raul was to find it and settle for $10,000, the coyote ransom for his sister Maria. Whale Grimaldi insists on another host than Sam, till she throws ..."
"When Danny catches chip thief Justin Frank, he claims to have heard a man intends to blow up the Montecito next Thursday, even if that tip doesn't get him a deal. FBI Agent Kent considers old-timer Ed's call pointless. Danny, Justin and undercover Mike trace the Egyptian bomber suspect, Farouk Naeem. New Montecito spa masseur Travis is a heavenly hunk, but allegedly also gives hot chicks highly appreciated 'intimate' services beyond appropriate, so Sam feels insulted as he handles her by the book."
"Ed mobilizes against expert cheating teams with card counters, including Nick Sperreos, guessing right they've been trained and sent. Danny traces them to Nevada university. The girls stress about 'whale' Jared Lipworth's 'record grandeur' wedding to his former secretary Lissy, whose bridal dress goes missing."
"Ed fears recently released master thief Alex Avery is behind a recent theft wave. Danny and Mike are emotionally blackmailed to pose, for an animal charity, as eligible bachelors - with a twist. Mary jumps through hoops to get a good review. Ed himself is forced by his wife, Jillian, to take marriage counseling with Doctor Paul."
"Danny has 'just sex' with Delinda, whose mother wants to 'finally' match her again with idealistic college boyfriend Dr. Derek Stephenson. Casey concludes from an incognito visit that the department chiefs must be 'taken down a peg or two' on a mandatory corporate retreat, and makes it desert camping and paintball, in two teams. Derek is allowed to stand in for Ed, who must fill a surveillance vacancy. He and the finalists investigate $2,000,000 missing."
"Ed's wife has railroaded him to a horrible desolate spa. In his absence Danny must approve Dwight Stiles to play blackjack for $1,000,000 a hand. Accountant Sarasvati warns that's illegal without matching cash, so an armored car full is ordered. Alas, a fake team got the cash from the bank, quickly reloaded into a car, which is found with two corpses. Is there a link? and if so, who are the other accomplices? Meanwhile Delinda's dream doctor, Derek, delays his Bangladesh mission to propose."
"Jeff McKee and his equally attractive wife Judy ask Montecito security to keep an eye on their spouses, but each plays a game. Delinda's acceptance to marry Dr. Derek Stephenson is questioned, especially by her mother, because it may mean following him on Third World medical emergency area missions. Ed handles the case of a petty sponger who claims to be cheated by a dealer and allows Sam to spend a weekend in his lodge, for once with a lover, Boston detective Woody Hoyt, but they can't enjoy it without TV or phone reach."
"While Delinda starts doubting about her feelings as the day of her wedding approaches, Ed refuses to help a former CIA partner in a mission."
Season 4 - Las Vegas
"Picking up from where the last season left off, security realizes that a gun was fired in Ed's suite, as Danny and Ed's daughter realize they have deeper feelings for each other than either of them wanted to admit. Samantha realizes what trouble she's in when one of her high roller clients rolls into the hotel's beach front resort in Hawaii and rolls up a half a million dollar bill and threatens to leave it in her lap, along with the dead stripper in his room."
"The mission laid before Ed comes to light, as he is picked to, once again, kill a man the CIA ordered him to kill 20 years earlier. Sam wraps up her issues in Hawaii with the help of Mike, and Mary goes off in everyone's face about Danny and Delinda's heated romance and the fact that no one told her about it."
"Ed turns Samantha onto a guy who can help out her own paycheck by trying to retrieve some of the money that her high roller clients have skipped out on paying. Danny and Delinda discuss wanting to take their relationship to the next level. Mary decides to try her hand at stand-up comedy, and Ed tries to give someone a special birthday present."
"The Montecito's safe-deposit vault is being robbed, with Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXI ring among the stolen items."
"Some crafty kidnappers put Dalinda in a box and bury her for a fifty million dollar ransom they're forcing out of Ed. Mary gets to choose a mascot, but ends up with several complaints from hotel guests. Guests at the casino include a couple of buddies who just won a lottery and are rather reluctant to wager any of it, opting instead to play a game of hide and seek in the casino, and a monk who's known for cleaning out casinos, one every seven years, and has picked the Montecito."
"Just in time, Danny finds a way to deal with Ed's explosive foot-clamp. Delinda's kidnappers think he's dead and still hold her. The gloves are off, it's everything goes, even illegal means, catching them included. Tibetan Buddhist monk Soli Tendar keeps winning at casino's, but how? Can Sam tempt him or be enlightened? During a staff flu epidemic, Mary fills in lowly jobs."
"After the kidnapping, Delinda is mean to Danny, who can't believe she even bags on his dancing. The $1,000,000 wedding package nobody expected to run is actually ordered. It includes singing by Wayne Newyton, who refuses since a bitter golf dispute with Ed. To Danny's horror the guest list includes 50 New Jersey mobsters, yet a diamond theft may not be their work. Sam hosts terminal socialite Sharkey Rosenthal, who partied with the big stars. Future MIT student Leo Pedowitz turns losing his virginity into a questionable business."
"'Twas the night before Christmas, and all is not merry. When three kids are abandoned by their mom, a \"strawberry.\" Meanwhile, a Christmas elf commits Grand Theft Auto right in front of a staffer's nose."
"Danny worries a sex-toy might become a rival for Delinda. He also drops an obscenely expensive bottle of wine for a prestigious auction Ed and his new sommelier Phillip Corbin, but a security complication proves a far worse nightmare. The swimming pool is infested with topless crones."
"Ed doesn't like the new husband one of the hotel's former employees brings out to the desert for a weekend, while Danny and Delinda agree to buy out their partners on the property that their tenant burnt to the ground."
"When a report is filed by accounting, Danny and Mike look to Ed for a pat on the back, who only prompts them to work harder, and even bets them that he can do their job better than either one of them can. Mary tries to sell the last residence suite at the Montecido."
"When the Gambling Commission receives what it considers too many complaints on Ed, the board forces him to attend Anger Management. Mike considers asking for a loan from Ed in order to buy his new condo. Danny searches for an employee who is in so much need of money that he's willing to gamble with his life. Dalinda feels the need to do something with her life, and Sam gets jealous when one of her high profile big spenders comes to town and wants to take Mary to dinner instead of her."
"Ed, Danny, and Mike are forced to \"steal back\" an Egyptian mummy from someone who has diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, Sam deals with her personal indecent proposal from one of her high roller clients who feels he can't get into an intimate relationship any other way, and Mary goes on the trail of someone well-known for stealing from his room when he stays at the hotel."
"Danny sees red when a rich Arab seeks out Dalinda and attempts to make her his fourth wife. But the events surrounding his death become suspicious when firefighters find out the reasons behind his death. Ed also has problems getting out of bed after straining his back the day before on the golf course. And Sam takes a personal day when a long-time friend of hers gets out of bed after being in a coma for twenty years."
"An unexpected death hangs a cloud over the company picnic, where the stakes have been raised between Ed's crew and the \"back of house.\" Mary deals with her father's trial and Sam tries to land a big spender, stealing him from a rival casino."
"Danny has worries from Wallace, who rips off his place after turning down the requested favor Danny owes him; Dalinda, who walked in on the guys while they were still in the place; Ed, for placing his daughter is danger; Mary, who, unknown to Danny, has bought a gun after her father was found not guilty for crimes against her and her step-sisters; and Sam, who has inherited the Montecido and is beginning to go power crazy. Meanwhile, Ed has his own plans for the casino, which does not include retiring like his wife wants him to do, and Mike meets an old classmate, who..."
"Jillian questions Ed's priorities when she finds out he's trying to purchase the Montecido. Delinda questions Danny's priorities when he's more caught up in trying to prevent a friend from being returned to Iraq than sitting down with her and finding out she's pregnant. Mike finds out Sam's plight, and Mary takes steps in helping her step-sisters' plight."
Season 5 - Las Vegas
"Las Vegas PD detective Max Dillon first arrests Danny, who learns DElinda is pregnant, of killing still missing Mary's dad, alone or with her, until Mitch and Mike prove there must be another suspect. Sam survives her kidnapping by dumping Vince Peterson in flight. Her disloyal attempt to recruit whales as investors fro the Montecito is fruitless, and late since gloomy cowboy Cooper already paid the tax arrear."
"As Cooper takes over ownership of the Montecito in a rather unique fashion, Sam recounts the events surrounding the lives of her fellow co-workers, while in therapy, including Mike's attempts to figure out how a gambler is cheating and how Danny and Dalinda are getting along with the prospect of becoming new parents."
"The race is on for Ed's old position when Cooper announces that he won't \"give\" the job to Danny. The Montecito's new concierge also appears, while Sam finds her way back to another therapy position and Delinda feels the pangs of motherhood in terms of gaining some unwanted weight."
"While Danny assumes his new position as President of the Montecito, Delinda assumes he doesn't have any time for her. Meanwhile, Sam stands her ground, standing by what she saw while poolside, even if it means her job."
"Mike and Danny arrive at Cooper's suite to find a dead body in his bed and things don't look good when Cooper takes off before the police arrive. Sam convinces the new concierge to babysit the son of one of her whales and the staff agrees to take part in a parenting test for Danny and Dalinda."
"Cooper insists on following Sam around to find out what she does, then finds himself having to split time with some old friends in an effort to make it up to her. Dalinda insists on having the control to hire a new baker for the restaurant, then regrets her decision and turns to Danny for help. Piper gets into the Halloween spirit."
"When Danny stands up to a friend-stripper's boss, Dalinda convinces him to stand up for all exotic dancers, who go on strike and have an effect on all aspects of the tourist trade in Las Vegas, including Mike, whose friends happen to be in town for the sole reason of hitting the gentlemen's clubs, and Dalinda herself, who feels the pangs of impending motherhood. Sam, while in the midst of doing a favor for Piper, asks one of her in return."
"Dalinda predictably becomes obsessed with plans for a \"green\" lifestyle, while Cooper deals with an attractive adversary who's competing for the same business deal as he is and Sam, after being told her percentages are down, finds a new way to \"attract\" whales."
"When Danny's Uncle Luke comes back into town after a 25 year absence, trouble's afoot at the Montecito."
"After firing Sam, Cooper puts out the word for no one to hire her. After the casino is robbed, Danny and Mike take it upon themselves to go after the robber, no matter what the feds or Cooper's new PR man tells Danny, who suspect his uncle who recently re-surfaced in his life."
"At Christmas Eve, the Montecito staff finds all seasonal preparations go wrong. After making a bad fall, having accepted solo duty so Danny can celebrate his first married Christmas period, Mike even has a Dickensian dream: three women present his past, what would have been without him and his future."
"Cooper sends Danny and Mike out to the ranch to buy a horse, while Sam and Delinda are stuck in Vegas helping Piper (who's gotten a blast from the past)."
"Among the bounty hunters that the FBI has trailing them in an effort to catch a high priced claim jumper, is a gorgeous woman who used to be one of Danny's sergeants in Iraq, who does nothing for Dalinda's ego and her appearance. And Piper doesn't help matters, either, when she kicks Dalinda out of the pool because of the way she looks. One of Sam's whales has lost his family in a random act of violence and she feels the blues because she doesn't know how to help him."
"Piper runs into trouble with the gaming commission, but Cooper bails her out, raising suspicions of the staff."
"Piper and Mike go to a club to steal their bartender and wake up the next morning, married to each other. Sam has to deal with her expert cover-up man retiring and Danny tries to find a way to come up with an idea to combat the new ice bar that Cooper wants to put in the Montecito to draw new customers."
"In the fashion of \"White Men Can't Jump,\" Mike and Danny are involved in a local 2-on-2 tournament, but someone's killing the losers. Meanwhile, Mike gets a little friendly pressure to consummate their secret marriage from Piper, who also has a little pressure from her job when a magazine bigwig shows up and tests her services in the hospitality industry."
"Cooper is on the trail of someone he feels is cheating while playing the horses. Danny gets convinced by Mike that he needs to do a \"dry run\" for the hospital. Meanwhile, Mike and Piper feel their first time was a \"little dry,\" and end up avoiding each other all day long."
"An expensive stamp gets stolen; one of Sam's whales gives her a $50,000 chip as a tip."
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