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Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond revolves around Ray Barone, a successful sportswriter living on Long Island with his wife, Debra, 12-year-old daughter, Ally, and 8-year-old twin sons, Geoffrey and Michael. That's the good news. The bad news? Ray's...

Duration:22 mins

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Season 1 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"Debra doesn't want Raymond's family to barge in unannounced from across the street on her birthday, so it's up to Raymond to gently break the news to them."
"Ray can't say \"I love you\" to Debra, and he traces the source of his problem back to his parents."
"Ray has to deliver the eulogy at his Uncle Gus's funeral, but he spends more time at the funeral trying to settle a dispute between Marie and her sister."
"The results of an I.Q. test Ray and Debra take for Robert's police training create a lot of tension, but Robert may have the last laugh on both of them."
"Debra gets upset with Ray after he sticks his foot in his mouth regarding a sexy new waitress at Nemos."
"Frank believes that he has become a professional writer after a joke he submitted gets published in \"Reader's Digest.\""
"Marie stays at Raymond and Debra's house after she gets in a fight with Frank. Meanwhile, Frank has the time of his life by himself at home, and Raymond starts getting used to having his mom spoil him again."
"Debra's parents invite all of the Barones to a night out at a fancy French restaurant. While they're there, Raymond makes an inappropriate comment that gets him in trouble with both families."
"Raymond loses $2300 to Frank in a poker game, and Frank refuses Marie's demands to give the money back."
"Debra tries to start her own tradition by hosting a Thanksgiving fish dinner for both families, but Marie threatens to ruin everything by coming with turkey."
"Robert is named captain of the Nemo's basketball team, and Raymond is jealous. But when Robert becomes a tyrant, the team turns on him. Robert quits the team, and Raymond becomes captain, which causes tension at home."
"Ray is so shattered when he discovers that the autographed Mickey Mantle baseball his father gave him as a child is a fake, that he wants to tell Ally that there is no Santa Claus."
"Raymond misses an interview with Terry Bradshaw about ghostwriting his book because he has to take Ally and Michael to the pediatrician. Debra is sick at home, and Marie comes over to take care of her."
"Robert goes out on a first date with Debra's friend Amy, and Raymond suddenly become insecure about his looks when everybody starts saying that Robert is more handsome than him."
"Debra finds out that the reason why Raymond made them buy Frank and Marie's old car is because he doesn't want to get rid of the car that he used to get lucky in."
"Raymond tries to replace Debra's engagement ring behind her back after he finds out that it's counterfeit. But why is Debra so upset when she discovers that Raymond has made the switch?"
"With the cable signal out for the evening, Raymond, Debra, Marie, Frank and Robert decide to play a game of Scruples to pass the time, only to get into a fight about honesty."
"Debra confronts Raymond about his pessimism after he takes no joy in winning the Sportswriter of the Year award."
"Ray wants to keep a lovable bulldog he found in the neighborhood, but at Debra's request he reluctantly gives the dog away to Robert. However, after he has already given him away, the dog's rightful owner shows up to claim him."
"Raymond's neighbors come over to voice their numerous complaints about his parents, and Frank and Marie walk in on them. Raymond now feels humiliated and guilty of betraying his parents."
"A radio psychologist comes to interview Debra for a book, but she winds up being more interested in Raymond and his family. Therefore, Debra comes to the conclusion that she is too boring."
"Flashback to when Ray and Debra first moved across the street from Marie and Frank."
Season 2 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"Ray is devastated when he discovers his family lied to him about his performance during his TV debut on a sports chat show. When he gets a second chance to appear on the show, his family decides it's time they gave him some pointers on how to correct his awkwardness with certain words."
"Ally is disobeying Ray and Debra. Not doing what she's told to do. Always in a bad mood. Ray tries to find out why."
"Robert is depressed because it's the anniversary of his divorce. Marie and Frank try to get Ray take Robert to movie or something. Just to cheer him up."
"When Ally becomes bored of the piano after three lessons by Marie, Ray decides to give the former a lesson about not quitting, as he doesn't want her to lose interest so quickly. He asks Marie to teach him the piano again."
"Ray has an anxiety attack while golfing. The doctor suggests more golf to help calm Ray down. Debra won't like that."
"On their fortieth anniversary, Marie and Frank tell Ray that they almost got divorced once."
"Ray tells Debra that he's going to be working late. But is he really?"
"Ray and Debra have a face-off of \"Who can make the best children's book?\", with Ally as the judge."
"Ray gets Frank a fish tank for his 65th birthday."
"Ray and Debra go to Ray's 20th High School Reunion."
"Marie has finally pushed Debra to her limit. Debra sends her a letter telling how she really feels about her."
"Ray tries to have sex with Debra."
"Frank and his pals are reenacting the Civil War and Ray wants to help."
"Ray tries to find his oldest living relative."
"Debra tries to learn how to make Marie's famous meatballs."
"Raymond questions Debra about the budget and says he can do a better job - so she lets him try. In a few weeks, Ray bounces checks and has $300 in overdraft fees. He creates a fake checkbook so it all looks good on paper."
"After Ray teases Robert about his police work being somewhat easygoing, Robert invites him on a citizen's ride-along; but Ray gets more than he bargained for, leading him to view Robert in a new light."
"Ray and Debra can't get a good night's sleep after Ally starts sleeping in their bed."
"Ray finds out the Marie likes Amy more than Debra because Amy is a \"good\" girl."
"Allie starts on a T-Ball team and it's Debra's turn to bring the snacks. She brings something that is not on the approved food list and refuses to change it to something else. Ray wants to comply and she does not."
"Robert practices his traffic teaching skills on the family."
"Ray has a mid-life crises when he finds out he's not six feet tall anymore."
"Marie and Frank have a yard sale. But Ray doesn't want to sell the baby stuff."
"Flashback to when Ray proposed to Debra."
"Flashback to Ray and Debra's wedding."
Season 3 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"When Ray's house gets termites, Marie invites them all to stay across the street until the house is clean."
"Debra is growing uneasy with Frank's driving and wants Frank to take another Driving Test."
"Ray and Debra hire the perfect babysitter."
"When Ray embarrasses Debra at a Bidding, Debra says she's going to get him back for it. Ray wonders how."
"Debra's mother comes for a visit. But she isn't very helpful."
"Ray plans an evening of sex on Halloween."
"Robert moves out of Marie and Frank's house to get some privacy with Amy. When Ray visits Rob's new home, he notices Robert's landlords, Rita and Harry's behavior similar to Marie and Frank's."
"Ray becomes jealous when Andy's article gets published in \"Sports Illustrated\"."
"Robert breaks up with Amy."
"Marie plans a healthy Thanksgiving to help with her cholesterol."
"Robert's new apartment has beautiful women all over the place. Ray can't stay away."
"When Ray gives his parents an engraved toaster for Christmas, they exchange it right away without even opening it."
"When Ray finds out that Frank used to let him win at Ping Pong as a kid, he challenges Frank to a rematch."
"Ray tells the story of how he used to throw parties as a teenager when Marie and Frank were gone. Marie goes berserk."
"Judy takes Robert out dancing. Everyone else thinks they're dating."
"Ray and Robert make a tribute to Frank for his \"Man of the Year\" party at the lodge."
"When Frank twists his knee, Ray replaces him on a cruise with Marie."
"When Debra and the kids go away for the weekend, Ray's afraid to stay alone."
"Ray and Robert think they're big shots because of their jobs."
"Debra hogs the bed at night."
"Ray and Debra go away to a bed-and-breakfast."
"Debra gets a job as a copywriter."
"Ray and Debra try to be nice to each other."
"Robert and Debra go out dancing for fun. But Ray thinks it's something more."
"When Robert and Amy have sex, they forget to close the curtains and are seen by everyone. When Robert finds out, he hides out at Ray's."
"Flashback to how Ray and Debra met."
Season 4 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"Debra is unhappy by Ray's excited reaction to a friend's bigger breasts at a PTA meeting. Thinking Ray would like her better if she had bigger boobs as well, she decides to stuff a pair of socks in her bra to see if he'll be surprised."
"Ray and Debra have a fight over a can opener."
"Frank uses Ray to win bets on sports."
"Marie and Frank talk about their sex life."
"If Ray and Debra both pass away, they want Bernie and Linda to adopt the kids."
"Debra's sister Jennifer visits and announces her intention to become a nun."
"Ray's annoying cousin Gerard is hired by Marie to help him write his book. Ray's entire family starts to see that Ray has many of the same annoying traits as Gerard. Ray decides to work on Gerard while trying to make himself feel better."
"Debra's has been very amorous and Ray wonders why. He later learns that her desire occurs after her work out. So Ray goes to the gym to see the guy and joins the class and wrecks it."
"Debra tries a new approach to Maries negative attitude."
"Ray and Debra decide to have the twins stay back in Preschool for another year."
"Ray decides to take a family picture for Marie's Christmas present. But she didn't want Debra's family to be in it."
"Marie begins to think that Robert is gay when he breaks up with Amy again."
"When Ray and Debra find out a bully is picking on Ally, Ray decides to investigate."
"Frank tells Ally that Ray is going to Hell because he doesn't go to church. Feeling guilty about Frank being a good religious role model, Ray decides to be a regular parishioner."
"Robert gets gored in the rear by a bull and has to stay with Marie and Frank for a while."
"Ray accidentally tapes football over his wedding, which results in Debra being really mad."
"Ray tries to learn about Ally's favorite card game."
"For once, Debra makes a good meal, but it drives Marie crazy."
"Frank and Marie make friends with a couple that have similar personalities to their own."
"Debra wants to be alone for a while. Ray wonders why."
"Robert is still recovering from his bull accident. He finds out he has to stay 3 more weeks with Frank & Marie before moving back to his apartment. He is cranky and taking it out on everyone. Debra tries to make his birthday festive."
"It's that time of month for Debra and Ray walks on egg shells to avoid the mood swings. Encouraged by Robert, Frank, and fiends, Ray buys pills that are supposed to help her mood. Debra is not pleased."
"Robert is back on the force and back with Amy. But something is still wrong."
"Flashback to when Robert got divorced."
Season 5 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"For Marie's birthday, the family goes to Italy. But Ray gets a cold and becomes miserable and Robert finds the woman of his dreams. But first he has to get past her father."
"The show continues in Italy. Ray starts to appreciate Italy and Robert must avoid Stefania's father if he wishes to see tomorrow."
"Marie and Frank crash their car into Ray's house."
"Robert tells Amy about Stefania because he thinks they're meant to be. Another breakup."
"With the untimely accidental murder of Ally's hamster Pumpernickel, she and the family decide to give the pet a proper funeral."
"Ray tries to write a book but gets rejected. Robert makes lieutenant."
"At a wedding, Ray reunites with the first woman he dated. He tells the family about the time he didn't walk her to the door."
"The 43-year-old Robert is dating a 22-year-old named Erica, and Marie and Debra find his new girlfriend way too young for his age. Frank invites her to his birthday party, which becomes a disaster."
"Debra's parents visit for Thanksgiving and confess that they're going to marriage counseling."
"A man accidentally sneezes on Ray and he think's he's caught the man's germs."
"Ray gets Debra a really great present for Christmas so she'll agree to let him go golfing."
"Ray starts to have second thoughts about himself after he didn't help Debra when she was choking."
"Ray decides to take Gianni to the Super Bowl with him. But the rest of the family wants to go."
"When Marie finds the diary that Ray kept as a boy, he is embarrassed about much of the sexual content, but she is only upset over a single mean comment about her."
"Ray and Debra can't think of anything to talk about. Debra thinks they need to spend more time together."
"The twins want to be fairies in the school play."
"Marie doesn't want Robert to end up alone, so she invites Stefania to America. But she comes with her father."
"Ray purchases a new state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner from an attractive door to door saleswoman and it ignites a housekeeping war between Marie and Debra. Debra is as taken with the new vacuum as Ray once she witnesses all of the wonderful things it can do. That is, until she learns why the saleswoman showed up at their door in the first place. Determined to prove to Marie that she's is just as good at \"keeping house,\" Debra attempts to use the new vacuum to find some dirt, any dirt, in Marie's home. Of course, the results are disastrous."
"Marie thinks Debra has her canister, but Debra says she doesn't. But when Debra finds it in Ally's room, she gets Ray and Robert to help her sneak it back into Marie's house."
"Ray invests money in a go-cart venture without telling Deborah. He says it is his money, so Deborah bills him for the job she does with the children and the house. Robert compares it to a wrongful death lawsuit - the value of life."
"Marie thinks something's wrong with Robert. So she gathers all of the girls in Robert's life to come up with ways to help him."
"Ray thinks his kids like Robert better than him."
"Debra finds it hard to handle her parents' divorce."
"Frank, Ray, and Robert paint Ray's house. And Robert and Ray find out something new about their father."
"Flashback to when Ally was born."
Season 6 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"Michael presents a story about an angry family, which Ray, Debra, and everyone else think it's about them. This causes the family to constantly fight. They decide to go into counseling so they can become a happy family again."
"Ray buys an erotic board game which he hopes will help rejuvenate Debra's amorous interests, but she suggests the problem is with him."
"When Marco begins taking piano lessons from Marie and starts spending more time with her, Frank becomes jealous of their friendship."
"Robert loses Ray's wedding ring and the women start hitting on Ray."
"Marie makes a sculpture of something that looks inappropriate. But Ray can't find the strength to tell her."
"When Frank goes to the hospital, Ray tells him the truth about when Ray and Debra fell off the bed having sex."
"Marie and Debra put Amy and Gianni together to make Robert jealous."
"The twins are on a basketball team, but Geoffrey is not interested in playing and is easily distracted. Ray makes funny comments about his playing and Geoffrey quits the team. Ray talks to him and tells him it is OK either way."
"Debra's father brings an older woman to Thanksgiving dinner."
"Robert finds a date only because she thinks he's Ray."
"Frank catches an historic field goal at a college football game. But instead of returning it to the school or the kicker, he holds it ransom for $10,000."
"Marie writes a letter to include with her Christmas cards - it insults Debra and praises Marie. They decide to write a letter together. Raymond is heavily praised and Robert is not. Robert wants to include his own information."
"Angry that Debra seems to be making all the decisions, Ray decides to take charge of a few things around the house. He goes to the supermarket, but finds that his purchases are criticized by everyone in the family."
"When it's stormy and the power's out, the family and Amy have to put up with each other till the storm's over."
"Ray finds a rival at Ally's girl scout meeting. They have a battle to see whose daughter can sell the most cookies."
"When Robert gets a job offer with the FBI, Marie tries to stop him from being successful."
"For Lee and Stan's Anniversary Ray and Debra provide some entertainment by making fun of Marie and Frank."
"Debra and the family get into Ray's private tape with a message from his ex-girlfriend breaking up with him on it. They wonder why Ray has kept it all this time, and also question about the break-up."
"Ally asks what the meaning of life is and no one knows how to answer her."
"Debra decides to run for school president. Ray panics, because this means he has to take more responsibilities around the house. He decides not to vote for her."
"Ray started calling Debra's mom, so he tells Debra she should call Marie mom. She does, but Marie does not like it. Marie knows it is only because Ray calls Lois mom."
"Marie and Debra have a fight which could mean the end of their family relationship."
"Ray and Frank are tired of trying to make their wives talk again. So instead they use them to get what they want."
"Flashback to the night Ray and Debra first had sex."
"An hour of the best moments of Everybody Loves Raymond's first six years. With interviews from celebrities about why they love the show and how they can relate to the characters."
Season 7 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"When Robert joins a cult, the Inner Path, Raymond points out their idiot cousin Gerard is already a member. Although Robert eventually sees through the group (particularly when he realises the leaders were really after Raymond, to be their spokesman), he allows himself to be the subject of a fake intervention, in order to stop Debra and Marie squabbling."
"Ray and Debra go to marriage counseling to workout their problems."
"Ray believes that Ally's school is giving out too much homework."
"Ray writes a eulogy for Frank. He tells the story of how he saw Frank petting his bunny we he was a kid. Frank goes berserk."
"Debra & Raymond go out on Saturday, but to different places. Marie thinks they are having marital problems. Ray did not have fun with his friends. He goes with Debra to a book reading and does not enjoy that either."
"Robert needs money, so Ray and Debra give him some. But then, Robert decides to go to Las Vegas and gamble."
"Whenever Debra sighs, Ray thinks it's because of him. So he decides to give Debra their bathroom and he'll share the kids' bathroom from now on. Debra accepts."
"Ray and Debra's new friends have a son that hates Ray."
"Robert's new girlfriend is perfect. Pretty, smart, funny, nice, and sexy. But Ray finds out something: She eats flies. How can Ray make Robert believe him?"
"Now that Robert is back with Amy, the family turns to another problem. Marie's eyes. Her eye sight is getting worse, so Debra asks her to go get glasses. Not only do the glasses help Marie's eyes, but she starts seeing things that no one else can see."
"Ray lies to Debra about getting her a great Christmas present. He goes to Amy and Robert for help and Robert suggests the book \"To Kill a Mockingbird\". But when Ray gets all the credit, Robert snaps."
"When Ally witnesses Frank, stealing food from the supermarket, she starts avoiding him."
"Andy's new boss hates Ray. Ray does everything he can to find out why."
"Robert decides that it's time to propose to Amy. But her parents say \"no\". So Ray and Robert try to make them change their minds."
"Ray finally finds out that, to the kids, he's a pushover. So he decides to go hard on them. But he may be going a little too hard."
"Debra signs up for charity work and signs up Ray for an hour of charity at the hospital. He is reluctant but goes. Turns out the patients enjoy his humor and sports information and he enjoys going. Debra is upset at how often he is gone."
"Marie and Frank meet Hank and Pat for the first time."
"Ray and Frank persuade Robert to make a complete hash of designing his and Amy's wedding invitations, so that Amy will step in and take over; unfortunately, the plan backfires and the invitations go out, warts 'n' all. Worse, Debra realises Ray has been faking incompetence for years to avoid performing his household duties."
"Ray reluctantly takes his daughter to her friend Molly's for a sleepover, fearing another run-in with Molly's mother, Peggy (previously seen in season six's \"Cookies\"). A casual pat on the behind leads Ray to believe Peggy is coming on to him."
"When a friend of Frank and Marie dies, Marie tells Frank that it had been the woman Marie had picked out to marry him if she died first; Ray and Debra then get into a debate about who they would choose to take their place if they died."
"When Debra has too much to drink at Amy's shower she rests in the car until she feels better. But the cops think that she was drinking and driving. Marie becomes even more protective."
"Ray and Debra have a three-week-fight over who's going to put the suitcase away."
"When Ray's bachelor party for Robert doesn't go well, Amy, Debra, and Marie tell him to try again."
"Robert and Amy finally get married. But it's not the wedding they expected."
Season 8 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"When Debra sees that Ray is having fun with Michael and Geoffery, she wonders why Ray can't have that much fun with her."
"Robert & Amy are back from their honeymoon. Marie immediately starts questioning when they are going to send out Thank You Notes from the wedding. Amy is surprised at Marie's insistence and Debra wants her to stand strong against Marie."
"Michael doesn't want to go to school and spends the day watching Ray work at his home office in the basement."
"Robert & Amy celebrate their 3-month anniversary and invite Ray, Debra, Marie, and Frank to dinner. Robert & Amy are in the throes of new love and give marriage advice to the others. New love is different from old love and a debate begins."
"Debra asks Gianni to work on the stove, but all he does is watch \"The Price is Right\". Debra wants to fire him, but Ray tries to stop her."
"Peter stays with Amy and Robert for awhile. But when he goes back home he finds out that his parents are throwing him out. Now, where will Peter stay?"
"Ray makes up a lie to tell his mother why he didn't come over to her house for quality time."
"Debra's mother, Lois, suggests to Raymond that she will throw a surprise birthday party for her daughter and Ray won't have to lift a finger. Debra senses something is afoot and Ray spills the beans, but Debra wants a Chinese banquet instead. Ray tries to convince his mother-in-law to change the theme of the party, never disclosing to her or to anyone that it's no surprise - Debra knows all about it. Inevitably, all is revealed when Debra arrives home to a houseful of guests and embarrasses herself, her husband and disappoints her mother, who wanted, more than ..."
"The family spends Thanksgiving with Amy's parents. They seem to get along pretty well, at first, but when a bird hits the house and Pat kills it, it becomes a war."
"When the twins ruin Ray's dictionary Frank brings up how Ray ruined his jazz records. Ray tries to give his father CDs instead of records for Christmas."
"Frank's Lodge is losing members and is only open 4 days a week much to Marie's dismay! Frank is driving Marie crazy by being home so much. Debra was offering advice on \"recruitment strategies\" about how they could get more members to join and liven up the place! Since Debra used to work in PR (Public Relations), Frank and his lodge buddies offer Debra a job as co-ordinator and they offer to pay her to help get the Lodge back on its feet. Needless to say things go awry when Frank's \"disgusting lodge buddies\" (as Marie would put it) start making sexy comments about ..."
"Ray and Debra both leave the twins at home alone. When they figure this out they hurry home and find Ally taking care of them. When they see this, Debra decides to give Ally more responsibilities. A lot more."
"Debra and the children bet against Raymond all the time. He is upset when he finds out because they make fun of him. Then he remembers that Marie used to do things like that with him and Robert about their father when they were young."
"Ray is getting tired of Debra making him wait for her. They're late for everything. So he decides to set a time, and if Debra isn't ready by that time, he's leaving without her. Which may be the last thing he'll ever do."
"Peggy's daughter is having a birthday party and Ally is invited. But she has to wear a dress and Ray doesn't want to spend all of that money."
"Robert installs a security alarm in Ray's house because he's thinking about retiring from the force and becoming an alarm salesman. But he wants everyone's opinion first."
"Ray's old college is giving him an honorary doctorate degree, and everyone starts fighting over who should get the most credit."
"Hank and Pat ask Robert why he keeps touching his food to his chin before he eats it. Now the whole family is curious. Why does he do it?"
"Hank and Pat come up for Easter. Ray and Pat have a nice time talking with each other, which make Robert and Debra jealous."
"Debra talks to the girls about how some of the cute things that Ray does, but Ray finds it embarrassing. So he talks to Frank and Robert about Debra's flaws. Then secrets start coming out."
"A modeling agent spots Robert and signs him up for a career. The family is really excited for him. But when he and Ray go to get his pictures from his first shoot, they find out that it was a conned job. So Ray and Robert try to make up an excuse to tell the rest of the family."
"A stranger shows up one day to see Frank. But Frank knows the man. It turns out that the stranger used to work with Frank at the company when he was growing up. Frank taught him everything he knew. When Ray and Robert hear this, they get jealous. Why wasn't Frank nice to them when they were growing up?"
"Marie wants the boys to paint her new shelf. But the boys want to go golfing. They start to feel guilty when they leave and start talking about how much they love her. So they decide to golf to see who'll get Marie when Frank dies."
Season 9 - Everybody Loves Raymond
"When Marie and Frank decide to move to New Jersey, the family is initially happy, but later become oddly more sad than they expected. They decide to offer Robert and Amy to live in Marie and Frank's old home."
"As soon as Marie and Frank move into their new house, their neighbors want them to leave. So they move back into their old house with Robert and Amy."
"Ray plans an evening of sex. But Marie makes Debra lose her temper and she's not in the mood anymore. Ray tries his best to put her back in the mood. Which leads to the best night of sex he's ever had. But when Marie comes over to apologize, Ray lies to them both to make Debra's rage bigger."
"Debra complains about how Ray dresses for the PTA meetings and Ray makes up a lie that the other women at the PTA say Debra dresses \"trampy\". Hurt by this, Debra decides to have revenge on the PTA."
"Ally gets an \"F\" in Math. Debra wonders why, so she goes to the school to talk to the teacher, and it turns out that Ally has a crush on one the boys in the class."
"Debra, Amy, and Marie want their husbands to have therapy. But in secret, the boys actually go to gamble at the track."
"Ray walks in on Debra's parents having sex and tells Debra. Which leads Debra to think that her parents are getting back together."
"Marie has been treating Robert better for some reason. Making sure he and Amy are well relaxed and spend a lot of time together. Ray finds out it's because she wants \"grandchildren\"."
"Debra has a singles cocktail party to help Amy's lonely brother Peter,find a girlfriend but Ray is mortified by who he ends up attracted too."
"Debra accidentally throws out Ray's letter from Muhammad Ali and Marie takes the blame for it. But in return for helping Debra, Marie has Debra take the blame for the disappearance of Franks clothes. Debra can't lie very well so she tells Frank the truth and tells him not to tell Marie. In return Franks wants her to take the blame for digging up Marie's roses. It becomes one big mess!"
"The twins' new friend has a janitor for a father. When Ray accidentally says a bad joke in front of the father he tries to cheer him up, but keeps making things worse."
"Frank has been secretly taking pills to help his \"manhood\". But the side effect is: He's lost his sense of taste."
"Amy wants to feel closer to Ray. But Ray finds it annoying."
"For once, Debra wants sex. But Ray rejects her so she can feel how he feels when she rejects him. But when Debra finds out, it's war."
"Amy's parents visit for Easter. Robert finds out something about his mother-in-law that no one else knows about and tries to keep her secret."
"Ray undergoes a routine surgery. The medical personnel have difficulty waking him for a while causing most of the family to panic. Ray finally wakes up, and everyone is a little nicer to him afterward."
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